Demographic Methods

Demographers not only interpret and analyze demographic statistics. They also devise methods to combine statistics across sources and surveys to get a better demographic picture of the country. Check out our methodological review and links to professional organizations for more information.

The U.S. Demographic System: A Methodological Review

USA Demography is pleased to present a three part series on the methods underpinning the U. S. demographic system. Just click on any title below to download each presentation.

An Introduction to the U.S. Demographic System

Data Collection and Analysis in the U.S. Demographic System

Population Estimates and Projections in the U.S.

Professional Organizations

Population Association of America

Southern Demographic Association


Data from the American Community Survey Present Methodological Challenges

With the release of the 5-year data from the American Community Survey (ACS), the Census Bureau completed the transition from collecting detailed demographic, social, and economic data once a decade on the census "long form" to an annually updated rolling 5-year average estimate for every level of geography. However, along with the increased currency of data comes major methodological challenges. In the first of a series of methodological reviews of the ACS we present an analysis of the differences bwtween the ACS measurement of migration and other more traditional migration methods.

Using the American Community Survey for the Measurement of Migration

Demographic Analysis

Need help interpreting the many new data sets currently being released -- the decennial census, the American Community Survey, the current population estimates, current surveys, and demographic analysis? Check back here as we issue updates on each of these topics.